The Salzburg Chamber of Commerce

The Salzburg Chamber of Commerce is committed to the overall goals of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce in advocating the social market economy, the deepening and enlargement of the EU, international free trade, subsidiarity and self-government, a dynamic conception of competitiveness, and a new dimension of social partnership and social responsibility.

The Salzburg Chamber of Commerce will play a major role in the dissemination and exploitation of the results of the SKILL2E projects. It will act as the hub for the knowledge transfer to its member companies and will support the organisation of the enterprise workshops.



MOSDER - Association of Turkish Furniture Manufacturers

MOSDER is an Istanbul-based enterprise whose goal is to ensure that Turkish furniture brand-names and products establish an long-lasting presence in the international market. It sponsors market reports about the latest developments and trends in the furniture sector.

MOSDER cooperates in all necessary project phases, meetings, workshops and workpackages of the SKILL2E project and supports activities that the Mugla University coordinates.



ETA2U is the market leader in supplying IT products and services being the main integrator of complex IT solutions for central and western Romania.

ETA2U collaborates with all partners throughout the project phases and contributes to work packages. It will inform and/or train companies for the transnational placements, train the students and provide orientation for the students to optimize intercultural interaction.


Universum is an international company which specialises in the field of employer branding. Its goal is to improve communication between students and employers who want to recruit them.

UNIV will work closely with ARCADA in the Intercultural Competence Assessment work package. It will provide practical training placement to students as well as test and give feedback on the Mentoring Concept which will be developed in this project.

IDI - Intercultural Competence Development

IDI specializes in the assessment and development of intercultural competence based on the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI). It offers consulting and training in this area including IDI Qualifying and
Advanced IDI Seminars, the design and implementation of IDI assessment projects.

IDI, through its rich experience in applying the Intercultural Development Inventory as a valid, reliable, cross-cultural tool for assessing intercultural competence in various contexts worldwide at the individual, group and organisational level, will be a major resource in achieving the SKILL2E project objective of designing an accountable, transferable and unbiased model for intercultural competence acquisition and gain in the context of transnational placements.


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